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Ireland will NEVER be the Worst GM


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Aug 13, 2003
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Kansas City, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Buffalo, Dallas are way worse at evaluating and bringing in talent then Miami is. There are likely a bunch more teams that I haven't even mentioned. Jeff Ireland got a bad vibe and opinion(both locally and nationally) that he continues to struggle to shed. Maybe he will never shed it, but he really hasn't been that bad LATELY(as in the past couple of years once Parcells left).

He is the kind of GM when a move or draft pick doesn't work out people will go after him with torches. For example, I think some people look at the Egnew pick and scream and yell as another reason why he needs to be fired. That pick gets magnified, while the picks of Tannehill, Martin and Vernon are quietly making a big impact for this team. So 3 of the 4 picks from the first three rounds are contributing, but people will try and use that one pick as the reason he needs to go.

I think if the Dolphins continue to play well and finish out the second half of the season like the first, Ireland doesn't have anything to worry about. Hopefully next offseason the local and national opinion of him can change.
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