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is draft televised??

In Canada (You guys don't want to here about Montreal and Quebec that belongs in the politcal posts)

The draft is on TSN. They get the ESPN feed

After 3 hours they usually leave but on The Score they have a constant draft ticker going so all of the info will be available if you are not by your computer
Cool thanks...

and yes it is very political and complicated here in quebec everything is complicated

but women are the worst hence I am recently single!!! :yell:
Excuse me- but Montreal and Quebec is part of Canada and we DO get the same TSN and Score feed that you do.
4U2NV said:
Canada gets screwed on coverage. We only get 4 hours which barely covers half the first round. After that it's time to huddle around a radio. :fire:
Don't worry friend. Soon we will be invading Canada and taking over. Then you'll get to watch the whole draft every year! LOL
for that poster that said he loves seeing the phins pick early, you will have this same feeling next yr too as the phins will have a top 10 pick in 2006...

but the good times should come miamis way in a few years with mr bill b clone as coach now, will they win 3 out of 4 like the pats have done? unlikely but i think miami will it all in the next 5 yrs. what the pats have done in the era of salary cap is amazing And if they go on and 3peat this yr then that will be a 1st ofcourse.

Ben Watson will be huge this yr and people will know this guy's name soon enough......
Why do I have a feeling that I have cans of Coke that have been around longer than that guy has been a Pats fan?
:cooldude: well i guess u have some old *** coke around the house, 74 was my 1st pats gm when they beat miami by 10 up in foxboro so try again........
this is the only reason why i dont enjoy the pats winning it all all the time , damn band wagon fans are all over the place now wearing pats stuff, last may i talked to a guy who was wearing a pats jersey and i told him pretty cool about us signing corey dillon, and he looked at me and said why we need him we have a smith there......

and a year after bledsoe was gone one guy who said he loves the pats was surprised when i mentioned brady was the starter and not drew, he thought drew was still on the team :roflmao:
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