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Is it Down to these Five?


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Jan 17, 2008
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Dania Beach, FL.
For once, I think almost all posters on the site are hoping we take either Smith, Waddle, Pitts, Chase or Sewell with our 1a pick. I think, to a man or women, we are all in agreement that a small trade down to pick up and extra couple of picks would be wise. Re the top 5 here, I've been a big fan of Smith and I still am but Pitts is growing on me. Pitts will be a stud in the NFL, maybe even an Anthony Gonzales type of player. Gonzales was a first round pick, barely, going at #32. He went on to a Hall Of Fame career. Pitts could be that good imo. If he's going to be nearly that good we'd be wise to snag him and get one of the other great wide receivers later in this draft. We also could land a great RB like Najee Harris at #18. Tua needs help? Here comes Pitts, Najee, maybe a Terrence Marshall or Demetric Felton or both, a stud like Alex Leatherwood and Tua is loaded with great options.

Guys like Pitts really help teams in so many ways. Having Pitts and Gesicki on the field at the same time with Najee in the backfield, Marshall, Parker, Fuller and Williams shuttling in and out at receiver. If our o-line takes a big step forward and we come away with a draft like we all expect, the Dolphins are going to be tough to beat.

On Smith being too slight of build. Once he goes through a full camp with major working out and eating right he will add muscle and he'll be fine. Some players are really shifty and almost never get hit really hard. Maybe Smith is one of those guys I know nobody is going to catch him!


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Jan 22, 2012
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If the team ranks the 4 pass catchers about the same, going to 8 would give you a high shot at getting one.
If they have 1 or 2 separate, might not be able to move that far.
Figure 3 QB locked into top 5. Maybe 5 in top 10?
Sewell should go top 8. so even if it is 3 QB, Sewell and the 4, one will be there at 8. After 8 gets risky, if any 1 of the 4
is the plan.
Has a draft ever gone top 10 without a defensive player?
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