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Is it me or is Miami missing.......


Jun 21, 2002
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a pass rush and a run defense. Does anyone think we are any better or worse than last year? What about the defense that included Robert Jones and Trace Armstrong? No one ran on the phins and we had a killer rush? I don't know, but it seems that those two things are going to hurt Miami!

Come on, man. Pleeeeeaze! Chill.

We just held one of the top offenses in the league to 13 points. We had three INT's and an amazing goal line stand.

Ok, so no sacks and a questionable pass rush. But that might have been by design. [see 'three INT's']

Seriously, I think everyone's just getting a little bit too excited about this subject.

Look, Pittsburgh has given up a gazillion points and and even more yards passing. You want to convince me that their defense (that ranked #1 last year) sucks now?

The RAMS offense looks like dog sh*t! So you want to tell me that Warner and co. are down for the count?

Come on, everybody!

Sheesh! :goof:
I think we do have a pass rush, but pass rushes are very inconsistent and you shouldn't be expecting the QB to go down like crazy each game. I think our run defense was miserable yesterday, but then again we were facing Edge.
I agree that it is no time to be too critical, but I wish people would stop using the "Yeah, but we played" excuse. With that thinking, we may as well just just accept not being able to contain great players.

Next week, will we hear, "Yeah, but we played Cumar, or Coles"?
Now, I know we have to give the other guy credit, but I just hate that defeatist attitude that I sometimes hear.
Last year didn't the Dolphins give up a bunch of yards to the Vikings, but only 13 points. Leading us to believe in the bend but not break defense, which was broken by the Rams?
While I agree that the bend-but-don't-break mentality is more than slightly annoying, I think our poor run defense was a byproduct of design yesterday. We kept our safeties deep in order to stifle Manning's long game, and it worked. But, if you do that with a running back of James' caliber, you're going to give up some running yards. We did. But, we also got the win, so there's that.
we have no pass rush last year, but led the league in pass D without very many INTs. I am still concerned about run D, but run D and not running the football is what kills you. As long as Ricky is running well and Jay is playing smart, our pass D bending and not breaking will go a long way for us. And this year we are taking the ball way :cooldude:
Yea, time for O-gun to repeat some of his preseason magic..and this would be the prefect game to start..
James ran for over 100 yards 3 of the 4 regular season games that Armstrong/Jones defense played him. He's arguably the best RB in the game and his having a good game doesn't signify dread for the run defense.
I cant stand the bend-but-dont-break defense, its not the way defense is suppose to be played. With the talent miami has on d and the amount of money we spend on d it is pathetic that jim bates cant do better than he does, it seams to me like he is way to conservative and never adjusts to anything, our best d since ive been a fan was in 98 and we were alot more agressive and we trusted our corner (the strongest part of the team) and they made plays.
I agree with Shane. Talent is only one part, you also need good coaching and strategy. If we had kept our safeties up all day, we would have held James for short yardage and Harrison would have spent most of the game celebrating in the end zone. You'll notice also that James piled up a lot of yards, but he never broke a long one of about 30+ yards. Against the Rams last year Faulk broke those long ones too.
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