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It Doesn't Look Good For The Home Team!!!


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Nov 18, 2001
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Miami Lakes,FL
I hate to say it guys and 13, but the the trade for RICKY isn't looking too good at this point! The two sides are very far apart! I agree with the DOLPHINS! You need a pick in the first 3 rounds! Plus, you look at the trades in the past, BETTIS,FAULK, and MARTIN!! The aquiring team did NOT pay more than a 1st and a 3rd! I like the EDWARDS deal but that knee injury was ugly!He might be a sweet insurance policy! Let's hope he's a HEARSTLIKE comeback! GO PHINS!!

The Saints won't get what they want from any team, so I think we still have a great chance to get him.
NO seem to want a deal like...

... the Buccs gave Oakland for John Gruden. I can see there being a meeting of minds/compromise if NO REALLY want RW gone.:judge:
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