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It was fun!


Fiedler is Zack Thomas
Nov 19, 2001
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Well, both of our seasons are over now. I never trashed you guys a lot, but that's because I respect your team. It was fun. You guys had a good year and if you were healthy and Lamar Smith played half as well as he did last year you guys would be a serious threat. But, you went up against the defending champs and we're tired and hurt.

You guys are good fans, I was just kidding about all those shots I took at you guys, but you should still sell-out a playoff game.
it did sell out, just not in time for the blackout.

and thanks for the kind words...nice to see that from a Bills fan. :D
Thats cool 6600

It was fun ranting with you during the season as well. I look forward to shooting some B$ with you again next season. Have a safe year and chat with you soon.
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