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Its j-e-t-s suck suck suck week

Be afraid. They held the defending Super Bowl champs to 44 points.
Be more afraid......they'll probably unleash <shudder> CHAD PENNINGTON on us
Actually I have a tough time laughing at the JETS. Richie Anderson is probably already wide open in the middle of Pro Player Park as he always is against our defense and Lavereous Coles is probably licking his chops. We have to keep the Jets down. This is a big game, yes week 3, the way the Pats are playing we can't give up any lee way in our division.
Agreed Z28, the Jits always find a way to win and I was not impressed at all with our D today...Edge just ripped off another 10 yd run.
imagine if we win? there would be a celebration like we just won the superbowl lol
Thomas, i was just imagining that....... they would never get the fans out of the stadium. WOW, but you guys are right, we have to make sure we are mistake free, and our players want it and deserve it.

I am already gettting a knot in my stomach........ then again....... i got one when we played the lions.......... I ALWAYS DO!!!!!!!! not because i dont have confidence, but its just natural........
As bad as our D looked, James has always given us some problems. Curtis Martin, on the other hand, isn't usually the reason we always lose to the Jets. They are different style runners, and Martin's running isn't as much a problem as James' is. Our pass D and conservative playcalling have been the problem. The latter problem should be solved. I'm a little worried if Pat isn't ready to go though. By the way, did old man Vinny get injured? If not, why would we face Pennington?
I know that Martin is dinged up.

If we do beat the Jets, a huge celebrations IS in order. This is an enormous monkey on our back. We haven't beaten them since JT and Sam Madison were rookies. Seth McKinnie was in high school. Patrick Surtain has never beaten the Jets. Guys like Bromell and Mixon never beat the Jets. Oronde Gadsden has never beaten the Jets. It's been that long.
I'm hoping to erase the nightmares of the past by not only beating them next week, but sweeping them this year!
I really hope we end this dreadful streak, it's long past due IMO. My only worry is the KC game would then be the classic letdown game, and I'll be there hoping for revenge on Chief fans. I'll take a Jets win first though and the ultimate would be winning both.
The Jets will need to score 40+ points to beat us the way their defense has played so far.

Not only will the streak end but we're going to take out 8 games worth of frustration on them. We're a much better team than the Jets are this year and it will show on Sunday.

I'm ready to get to the stadium right now to start tailgating and talking trash with all the green shirts. It's going to be great after we spank them but unfortunately it will be such a blow-out that all 15,000 of their rotten fans will be gone by the time we get back to the parking lot.
All we have to do is play 4 quarters, something we havent done against this team in a long while. WHEN we beet the Jets on Sunday you will see the whole NFL start to take notice of our team. Then if we beet the Pats a couple weeks later Miami and RW will be the talk of the NFL.

I look forward to this game all offseason long. You get the feeling that the last 2 weeks were to get ready for this week. I have a feeling with the new confidence in Norv, RW, and the rest of the offense you will see a spirt that hasn't been seen in Miami in a long time.
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