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Jamie Nails to take Ogdens' job


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Sep 3, 2001
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To open practice Wednesday, the Dolphins had 305-pound defensive tackle Jermaine Haley covering 335-pound guard Jamie Nails on a pass pattern.

Nails caught the ball, triggering an enthusiastic roar from the offensive players

He ran one heckuva route didn’t he?" quarterback Jay Fiedler said. "Turned his head around quick. I don’t know if he’d have made it all the way to the goal line, but he certainly got that 18-yard gain out of it."

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Now that had to be some funny stuff. Jamie Nails showin off the new athleticism...a year ago he couldn't have run 18 yards out to catch a pass.
At least Nails won't fair catch all the time.
I think we found our fullback who can block and catch .........;)
What this shows is the amazing progress that Nails has made from last year. The only thing people said about Nails last year is that he was really fat. Now the guy is moving well and playing great.

Good for Jamie Nails! Hope he makes it into the starting lineup. He is well on his way to earning it the hard way.
Damn and I thought Haley could be our answers as our #3 CB in the nickel ;)
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