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Jay Fiedler - 126.62 QB rating


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Feb 3, 2002
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Struggled with accuracy early on. But bounced back. These are the kinds of numbers Norv Turner's offense will produce. Especially when the run game is working. Lots of YAC.

18/27..207 yds...3 TDs...0 INTs
Norv's game plan was a thing of beauty. Spread it around mixing in Ricky early until you get a nice lead. Norv's play calling gave Jay's wide open receivers all day. No doubt Norv deserves a game ball for this one since it was his 1st game w/the Phins as well as Ricky, Jay and McMichael
Chan who? :D

I compare this game to a dog who has been tied up for most of his life, and then all of the sudden, someone un-ties him, takes him out to the country, and sets him free.

The endless possibilities....

Next week will be a whole other ball game, and while I am going to enjoy this win, I sure hope the Phins don't all of the sudden think they are hot Sh*&

Go Phins!!

I will be the first one to commend Jay on his great day! He did struggle in the 1st quarter. Over throw CC, he was wide open!! And Jay threw it out of bounce, one pass was almost picked off that was a terrible throw. Now to the good plays he made. He made some really pretty passes to CC, McMichael, OG. He looked really good today. Keep it up Jay and no one will beat us, guarantee it.
What I am happy about is he didn't throw one INT! We don’t turn over the ball we win.
sorry to be the bad guy, but............

jay threw 2 pics. both weere dropped.

some great things for sure in this game, but some bad also.

the good? norv's knock 'em out playcalling. ricky running hard. chambers looking like the real mccoy, [if fiedler would quit missing him]. mcmichael is one bad mutha [shut yo mouth]!!

the bad? our defense isn't looking good. had this been the jets, we would have been in big poop. they almost had a nother huge over the middle pass play at the beginning. they converted a lot of big 3rd downs. why they didn't pick on fletcher is beyond me. he let one guy get open long, then had that interfearance penalty when he was gonna get beat again. should have had more sacks. they held a lot, but we missed alot to. very shoddy tackling in this one.

can't argue with points. but this was detroit folks. and we should put a hurting on those kind of teams. if we can do this to the jets, and the colts, and the bears, etc...... then we have something. we have a lot to prove, and a long season ahead, but frankly, our defense is a concerne right now.


:monkey: on the jets!!
all we need to do is win ag. the Jets or Colts for that matter, but beating up on the Lions was required :D
i don't know why we don't match up well with the jets, we're certainly better on paper! maybe this is the year!
Re: sorry to be the bad guy, but............

Originally posted by clayton83
jay threw 2 pics. both weere dropped.

Sorry but if they don't end up in the scoreboard they didn't happen. If we were to start counting "if's" every QB in the league would be throwing a hissy fit.
I'm so pissed. I go to watch the tape of today's game......and the damn VCR only picked up the first 5 minutes of video. I've got audio the whole way. But no video. I'm pretty sure it's just a bad cassette. But still, all my hard work for nothing. GRRR!!!

What am I going to watch all week??
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