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Jay Fiedler to be cut???!!!


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Sep 3, 2001
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Just joking about the Title, but I did read on cbssportsline.com that he won't start drills again until next week. Is this true?? I thought he was to be back again throwing today. Again sorry about the scare, just having a little fun!! CC84
Umm I wouldn't go by anything cbssportsline says.The camp reports will tell us the truth....................
-- Fiedler to Throw Today -- from FFMastermind.com

The Miami Herald reports Dolphins HC Dave Wannstedt said QB Jay Fiedler (hip surgery) will likely will begin throwing today. Wannstedt also said Fiedler would not be at full strength until next week. Fiedler would participate in at least throwing drills Friday and Saturday with the Titans in Tennessee.
Works for me. As long as he's out there doing something I'll be happy. He'll be wearing the red jersey anyway so nobody's going to hit him. :D
Fiedler's throwing today, but not running in full drills where he can be rolled up on or would have to scramble out of the pocket until probably next week...thats the take I had on the situation.
honestly, if they even thought about cutting jay, they would have made a serious push for bledsoe or dilfer. face it guys, jays the man, and i love it
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