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Jets may luck out this week


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Nov 12, 2001
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Jerome Bettis, the NFL's rushing leader, most likely will miss division-leading Pittsburgh's game against the Jets on Sunday because of groin and hip injuries. Bettis was listed Tuesday as doubtful, meaning there is a 25 percent chance he could play. Coach Bill Cowher said even that might be overestimating his chances. "We'll see how he is by the end of the week but, by listing him as doubtful, you can see where I'm heading," Cowher said. An MRI test on Bettis' hip showed no serious injury. He also was bothered by a sore groin and abdomen before coming out of the Steelers' 21-16 victory Sunday over Minnesota after gaining 81 yards in three quarters. Bettis said there is some internal bleeding but it is not serious.
Either way, if the Dolphins take care of business on their end, we luck out either way. The Jets win and we're in the driver's seat for home-field throughout the playoff. The Steelers win, and we're two games up on them, still being only one game out of first in the conference.

I don't know who I'll be pulling for - although I sure do hate the Jets!
It's not going to ensure a Jets win..They are going up against the #1 Defense in the AFC so I don't see them getting many rushing yards against them. They may get some passing but it won't be enough to win. Then on offense..I think Pittsburgh will do ok if they put in Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala..He's a mini bus and can run as well. Kordell can perform pretty good and will need to be at his best. If he can do what he did against Tennessee 2 weeks ago I see no problems for them. :D
If Pitt can run, then their D will play fine, but if the Jets O in the field alot, the Jets will win. Pitt s/b be able throw against Mickens, too. Of course,TOs will eally decide this game.

I have to route ag. the Jets in this case since winning the div comes before anything else and I hate the Jets soooo much.
I have been an avid Steelers fan since meeting my ex-husband back in 1991, so I know a little about the Steelers organization. ;)

The Steelers haven't looked this great in a long, long time. I believe they are for real and WILL take down the Jets. They are resting Jerome Bettis because they feel their game against the Ravens will be a tougher game. But don't worry, they still have Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala and Amos Zereoue to fill the RB position. Although neither has had a game with a 100 yards, I'm sure they will get the job done. I would think Chris would be the better choice, but we shall see! :D


Let the Ravens kill them the next week! ;)
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