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Jets Week

One quick thought...

Several people have bemoaned our weakness when it comes to 3rd or 4th and short.

For better or worse, we run a zone-blocking scheme that values foot-speed and repetition over power. This isn't going to change and players who are suited for this scheme are NOT going to do well on power downs like 3rd and 1.

This is NOT our skill-set... and it NEVER will be. What makes our running game dangerous is the same thing that makes us weak in these situations.

You take the bad with the good here.
Great point. They still should be able to spread a defense out and run the ball for one yard, however. You are definitely right though. Miami isn't going to be able to line up in "big" personnel and power their way in short yardage situations on a regular basis.

I was talking about this play with my brother. I can't wait until Miami moves on from Baker. It's so annoying. He does nothing. They should just blitz him on every play because he is useless at the second level. I can't believe Miami can't do better at his position.
I am confident we will foil Boyle!
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You guys wishing Rodgers was out there this year?
With Rodgers, I think the Jets record would be reversed at around 6-4. The New York defense is legit.

I had them around 8-9 wins with Rodgers, but I know the media was talking super bowl.
Tim Boyle is going to get destroyed.

But, how much will we score is the question? 17? 20?

Offense looks pretty shook when we play teams with good D.

Fins - 13 - Jets 6
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