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jewels in late rounds


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Sep 3, 2001
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West Arkansas
we all know that their are diamonds in the roughs in the late rounds, well here are two that should be available and could be a great asset to the Dolphins.

Shannon Money Arkansas G 6-3 310 lb

Kenny Sandlin Arkansas C 6-2 318 lb

they may not sound like much, but take my word i have seen these guys for 4-5 years and they are difference makers both on and off the field. deffinately should not be overlooked in the 5, 6, or 7 rounds
I wonder why both players just happen to be Arkansas guys who no one has ever heard of. I'll give them the size factor, but if I read a lot of NCAA Football Mags and I watch a hell of a lot of games and I've never heard of either. Sorry.
thats my point, they are good, i should know, and the fact that they both come from arkansas makes me a little bias, but these guys have what it take to make it in the nfl
They are good because you are a Die Hard Arkansas Fan. I could say the same about QB Dave Dickenson( University of Montana), who set many NCAA records passing records, and then went to the CFL to become MVP multiple times. He was great.....but not many of you guys have heard of him, I'm sure. I believe he is either a NFL FA or still the 3rd QB on the Depth chart for the Chargers
I have heard of Shannon Money, but not the other guy. Money will be drafted in the late rounds.
Damn, that would be cool to have a guy whose last name is Money. When he is good, you can say "He's money."
speaking of names, here's a classic

Browns | Earthwind Back - posted at KFFL (
13:55 PT: Cleveland Browns free agent CB Earthwind Moreland has signed his one-year, $375,000 tender offer to remain with the team.
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