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what is everybodys opinion of fina...the bills just released him and he is a tackle...he could give us depth or even start and he obviously knows our division...hopefully we could sign him or brockermeyer and coleman...
I wouldn't waste a roster spot on Fina, at least not with Brockmeyer still available. Besides, Fina would not be much of an upgrade over our current roster.
"Fina would be good if we need a guy for Jason Taylor to burn on every play in practice" - Alex Marvez
Why don't we just sign every EX Jill out there?
We already have Spriggs and Nails.
Seriously though, I have heard that he is not really a skilled OL'man at this point in his career.
I wouldn't mind Remersma, although he has not been released yet.
He's actually still a decent lineman to pick up for a year or 2, just not at the salary the Bills were paying him.
Originally posted by scotgif
I wouldn't mind Remersma, although he has not been released yet.
Wanne seems happy with our TEs progression, especially if Mayes can get in shape by camp.

Fina is not an obvious upgrade like Blake Brock is, so he will not be signed. DE is the only sure shot for us to sign someone
I'd rather have Brock than Fina...I don't think he'd be an upgrade over anyone we already have as a backup... different doesn't always mean better....
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