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JT's biggest tackle of his career

WOW, Jason nice work. I hope he can concentrate on the task at hand though, sacking Brady. Maybe we need to tell J.T. that Brady has a gun? :D
:lol: Sing it with me guys.............

Brady's got a gun
Brady's got a gun
His whole game has come undone
Now anybody is trying to run
Oh, what can Brady do??
It's JT's last I.O.U. :evil:


:lol: :lol: :lol: Sorry, couldn't resist :lol:
gonna have to check............

with 39 and see what the weather is gonna be like saturday. it changes every 20 minutes in that neck of the woods. i just hope they don't need that fire to stay warm!
Maybe it will light a fire under his ass!! GO PHINS!!
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