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Dec 12, 2001
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*It had to suck to be the QB after our very talented D got imbarrased last week. Brady got knocked around like a pin ball all game, and it made him make some bad throws.

*I dont think Sam Madison liked being shown all week on highlight films getting blown up by Gonzo. He was huge shutting down his man and getting 1 1/2 ints.

*I dare a you to try to shut down RW. The Pats were very commited to stopping RW today, and honestly did a very good job. The problem is when you try to eliminate RW you make Jay look like Joe Montana. The NFL has to realize that the Phins have just to much talent to commit to stopping any one player. Jay did a great job of spreading the ball around, and keeping the D on thier heels.

*Ray Green made the biggest play of the Dolphins short season. Dolphans have seen to many avalanches start the same way before Ray made his grab of the season. Thank you for spareing my TV, because it would have gotten thrown off my balcony if we blew that lead.

*Jay Taylor is not overated Blitzkreig!

*Great job by the middle of the D-line! Last year we got blown off the ball by this same Pat team, they had 7 yards rushing going in to the 4th quarter. Our run D has proven that last year was a fluke and they are ready for Denver.

*Last but not least I think Jim Bates should get alot of credit. He shocked NE with the looks he gave them at the start of the game. Jim "Man on Man" Bates actully plaid the zone at times! His game plan had as much to do with JT takeing over the game as JT did.
"Mark the date Oct 6th down as the day Miami turns in to the Super Bowl Favorite. The Pats don't stand a chance!"

You called it! :D
Originally posted by Dajesus
The NFL has to realize that the Phins have just to much talent to commit to stopping any one player. Jay did a great job of spreading the ball around, and keeping the D on thier heels.

i think the league IS realizing this... at least detroit, indy, jests, and pats are:D
Dedric Ward fumbled a punt, and the only Dolphin any where near the ball was Green. He dove and pulled the ball in with 3 Pats diving as well.
Sweet. I like Ray Green. Seriously, its hustle like that which seperates great teams from good ones......
it was nice to see madison come back with an interception after he looked lost on that touchdown throw!! the way he dropped off the one receiver leading to surtains interception was amazing, but he looked like a rookie on the touchdown throw!!
Originally posted by BMarion31
Sweet. I like Ray Green. Seriously, its hustle like that which seperates great teams from good ones......

You couldn't be more right! I posted a thread abou that after the Colts game. It is a fact the great teams get those bounces. It is a crazy mix of luck, hustle, and coaching, but it can make a teams season. Everyone wanted to talk about the strory book Pats last season, but no one pointed out how much they benifited from these types of plays. Just look at the Dolphins-Pats second game last year, the Pats won because they benifited from 3 crazy bounces. Last year Miami didn't get these bounces, but thus far this year the cookie is crumbleing are way, lets hope it keeps up.
OK Daj, mixed metaphors aside, you are soooo right about the Green play. How many MILLIONS of time have we watched other teams come up with that ball, in that very momentum changing situation, because either our guys weren't aware or the OTHER teams just plain dumb luck. I too have gone through about 400 TV's chasing after loose balls (please, save the comments) that dolphin players were just watching, I guess, for entertainment value.

and to add to the Ricky lovefest: How can you say ANYTHING bad about him now. The Pats weren't just tackling him, they were punishing, pounding, punching him. They took hard shots, cheap shots, entire team shots. They put a helmut or five on his head, knees, gut, the ball, the whole very physical Pat D seemed to not only be geared to stop Ricky but also make him sorry to be alive. And yet, even with all of this, I just don't remember him even once giving ground. Talk about domination, he took their best shot(s) and still got his 100+ yards, kept us in the game, balanced the O, and kept the D on the sides, etc. WOW, WOW, WOW. Is he worth 2 #1's to this team? Oh, please...at this point (and remebering our track record with first rounders anyway) I'll give up the rest of the decades #1's and my favorite flannel shirt for him to keep this up. Let New Orleans deal with the multi-million dollar busts, we got game!
I was at a wedding and had to miss the game so I have a few questions if someone will oblige me

Who gets married on Sunday?

Were the Pats putting 8 in the box all day long?

Ricky got his, but on a lot of carries, did he still look good?

And this Ward muffed punt, how bad was it?

Are we regretting get rid of Ogden at this point?
Great observations... I'd love to see how Taylor is still overrated. I think Ricky looked really good--he was always driving forward, and any time you can carry the ball more than thirty times the amount of yards is almost secondary because you are controlling the clock and the tempo of the game. The Ward muff was bad, but this followed a good return. Luckily, Green saved us. I still trust Ward--he has the most experience on the team at a very tough position--and as Dajesus said, the bounces seem to be going a little more our way right now.
OK I'll try and answer these ???s for you.

1. Obviously NOT a football fan. Speaking of which, you being a football fan, why were you there?!? hmmmm

2. No. The Pats did not load up on the box. They did more run blitz than just stack 8 in the box.

3. Yes RW looked good. He got dropped for a loss or barely back to the LOS on a few runs. But most were good for 3 plus yds a pop.

4. Pretty bad. If the Pats recovered they would have been in business around the 20. They marched up the field in 6 plays to open the 3rd quarter and threw the whole way. Had they recovered and scored, the lead wuld have been dow to 3 (I think).

5. No. Ward actually had 2 really nice returns. One of the Pats returners called for a fair catch at about the 22 yd line with no one around him...:evil:

Hope this answers your ???s
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