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Just a thought ,,, How About Chicagos - James Allen ?


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Jan 26, 2002
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From what I have read and heard, Chicago either will release or not resign R-B James Allen. I do not know to much about this kid but he gained over 1000yds in 00, has soft hands,and is not known to be a fumbler ! Allen is not very fast (4.7 in the 40) and was an undrafted free agent,, he could be a nice pickup at the right price .. Marino1983 :cool: :cool:
That is better than Gary, but when I saw him play, he fumbled twice (but it was a really rainy day and I heard it was uncharacteristic of him). Signing him cheap would be a great idea. :)
I live in Chicago and have watched him play for years.
He's a decent back. Very shifty, with some good moves. VERY slow, if he gets past the lb's he's going nowhere. The db's are all over him. His biggest problem throughout his career is that he IS a fumbler. This guy holds the ball about as well as a wet bar of soap. A good back-up at best. Hope you get him!
I would go after Antowain Smith or Skip Hicks before I went after James Allen. Allen doesn't have the talent to be a top NFL starting RB, IMO.

Hopefully, we'll trade for Ricky or Fred Taylor.
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