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Just Curious

Who do you want to win?

  • Raiders

    Votes: 8 53.3%
  • Jets

    Votes: 7 46.7%

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Oct 3, 2001
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I know that ALL of us hate the Jets, but in the upcoming Raiders vs Jets game.............

Who do you want to win?

I personally want to see the Faiders crash and burn in the first round of the playoffs, so I will cheer for the Jets, but just this once. :lol:

Go Dolphins!!
Go Panthers!!

Dolphins #2 seed :D
I will be cheering for the ...sweating here, ummmm, I will be CHEERING FOR THE......oh crap I can't say it.

Here let's try it this way...I will be rooting for the Raiders to lose.

puke !@#$*&% jets...blah, DIE AIRPLANE BOYS...DIE
Unless you want the "Streak" to continue, you guys (and gals) should be hoping for a Raider win. A Jets win means you play them. Seems the Jets have had your number for what......5 seasons now????:eek:
Since you seem to harp on the negative, you would think the Jets would worry us. Honestly, I am not concerned with either team. We have beat both at one time or another. It just brings me greater joy to watch the Faiders lose. :D Either way it is a win win situation! :lol:
Sigh. I "harp" on reality.

The Jets have your number. You guys have a mental thing now that they've beaten you for 5 years in a row. The last thing I would want is to play a team that has beaten me every time for 5 years (and in a humiliating way a time or two).

The Raiders are struggling. They have a weak run D. They are ripe for the picking.
The thing that sucks is because the RAIDERS won their division and we didn't, the PHINS would have to travel out there to Oakland, even though we could have a better record plus tiebreaker!(which is our earlier win over the RAIDAZZZ!!)
Who would you rather play....a team you beat earlier in the season or a team you haven't beat in 5 years?



Seems like an easy choice to me
If the Jets lose and the Seahawks beat the Cheifs, the Jets don't go to the playoffs. So I want the Raiders to win, but small, because I don't want them to be too confident.
Like I said before Arctic, I am NOT concerned about the Jets. They suck! So they have beaten us 4 years in a row. :o That's only a problem if you are concerned with streaks, which I am not. :rolleyes: I would be happy if we faced either in the playoffs to silence either one of them. I have faith in my team. That is what makes me a true fan. I support them and believe in them NO MATTER WHAT!!! :mad:
Right on 13!!! I'm not scared about either one... We know we can beat the Raders, and if we have to play the Jets... the Fins will be soooo pumped that nothing will stop them from annihilating the jets....

to make the season right!

ya have to beat the team that beat you. although, the raiders are in. i would like to see the jets miss the playoffs altogether!:D
It looks as if we are almost divided evenly on this question. Too bad they both can't lose! :lol:
I care more about us beating the Bills and getting a home game next week - which we will win ag. the Faiders or Yets. :D

But I hate the Jets too much not to want to gloat of their demise :evil:

Originally posted by miadphan13
It looks as if we are almost divided evenly on this question. Too bad they both can't lose! :lol:

then pray for a sudden death tie! that would work!
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