Just 'matter of time' until Bills axe Whaley

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    Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News believes it's "only a matter of time" until the Bills fire GM Doug Whaley.

    Whaley has been at odds with new coach Sean McDermott seemingly since the day he was hired. Sullivan believes that Whaley has already lost the power struggle in Buffalo with McDermott emerging as the team's "voice." We saw this play out early in the month when Buffalo kept Tyrod Taylor on a restructured deal, a decision that was heavily influenced by McDermott. Sullivan believes Whaley's exodus could occur sometime after the draft. At that point, McDermott would likely bring in a GM of his choosing. Sullivan mentioned Panthers director of player personnel Don Gregory as a possible replacement for Whaley.
    Source: Buffalo News
    Mar 26 - 8:37 AM

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