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Apr 28, 2005
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I Am Posting For The First Time And I Was Just Wanting To Know If Any Of U All Saw Kay Jay Run Flat Over A Miami Db On Thursday Night Football Two Years Ago And If U Would Have Any Video On That
But is still is one of the most amaizing runs i have ever saw in my life!

Proply the 2nd best, the first was the Cal-Stanford game, also know as " the play"
no lol that was another game he looked like the heisman in that game
I Wasnt For Sure That Was Harris I Just Figured But Thanks For The Video
spydertl79 said:
Wow, I remember that, isn't that te game where Winslow did the "Heisman" pose?

I think I remember a catch by him on 4th down that was ridiculous.
[QUOTEI think I remember a catch by him on 4th down that was ridiculous][/QUOTE]

Yes i do to!, thats why i hate him so dearly now!:(
Is that really nice? I never wish injury on anyone. Thats your choice.
I wish injury apon him also!

Dude we were so close to winning that game....lol

Just like wv's basketball team having a 20 point lead on louisville this year in the elite 8 and blowing it...lol

I was majorly pissed!!!!
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