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Keys to the game


Mar 7, 2002
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Weston, FL
These are my keys to the game for the game this week agaisnt the Chiefs

1. Run, Ricky, Run
The more Ricky pounds it, the longer the Chiefs' offense stays off the field and the more the pathetic defense stays on the field. That's key, make Trent Green, Priest Holmes, and Tony Gonzalez stay off the field as long as possible and get your defense a lot of water breaks because if not, we could be in huge trouble. I've also heard that it will be nice and hot up there, the way we like it. High 80's and sunny, the longer that Chiefs defense is out there, the more we can dictate what we do to them.

2. Jason Taylor must step up
Jason is a great player, and he must be even greater today. We need a great pass rush because if we put Trent Green under pressure, he will force interceptions. But, the Chiefs have a great o-line and if we blitz more than 4 or 5, Green will find the seam and hit his open receiver. We need to be able to get a decent pass rush with only 4 or 5 guys rushing and it will be up to Taylor to either create a great pass rush himself, or take up two blockers so someone else can get the glory. Also, the better the pass rush with our d-line is, the more we can drop our linebackers into coverage and that is key with a great tight end and a great receiver like Holmes.

3. Jay Fiedler must be able to throw the long ball today
This is Jay's weakest point. And it needs to be fixed for today. We can't give Ricky the ball 35 times in this game. But we need him a lot. When he starts to get tired, we need to throw the long ball. The safeties will probably be up for most of the game and Norv Turner is great at play-action. We need that play-action bomb to Chambers working for us today.

4. Mark Royals needs to be on
Another big key to this game is field position. We know both teams will probably score a lot, but we need to make it harder for the Chiefs to score. The Dolphins could use some great punting today to pin the Chiefs back. Field position will be key.

I think that the whole key to stopping the Chiefs will be having a great pass rush with as few guys as possible. If we can do that, the Chiefs should have problems throwing the ball and we can stack up to stop the run. On offense, it's Ricky time baby. If Ricky can reel off another 150 yards on 25 carries, this game should be in the books. This game will be won in the 4th quarter.

Dolphins 34
Chiefs 30
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