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Keys To The Game


Mar 7, 2002
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Weston, FL
Alright, here are my keys to the game for the Dolphins to win.

1. Get Ricky 25 touches
To do this, the defense needs to keep the game close and force a lot of 3 and outs so we can get that Patriot defense back out there for the whole game. The longer the defense is out there, the better chance we have of winning. Right now, it is VERY humid and hot and it feels like an August afternoon. If Ricky can touch the ball 25 times today, we will be able to do whatever we want in the 4th quarter on offense. However, we can't run if we're losing, the defense needs to help us out.

2. Get a strong pass rush
We need to force turnovers today, something we failed to do against the Chiefs. To force turnovers, you need to pressure the quarterback. Brady won't make bad passes if he has 6 seconds to throw.

3. Play great special teams
This game could be decided on one drive. One drive could be decided on field position. And field position is decided on special teams. Whoever returns kick/punts today (I would like Marion doing kicks, Ward doing punts) needs to have their head in the game and DO NOT FUMBLE! If we play great special teams again, that will put us on our way to win #4.

4. Big game from Zach Thomas
Zach is the kind of player that can shut down a running game single-handedly. For the most part, A.Smith is a between the tackles runner which means Zach won't need to move much. If he can stop A.Smith from getting much on the ground, we will force Brady with some beat up receivers to beat us. And with what many say is the best secondary in the NFL, with Surtain back, we should be able to make plays if they have to throw.


aka FinSane
Sep 7, 2001
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Ft. Lauderdale,FL
agreed,but one more point to make.

5.Don't play Jamar Fletcher
That is,unless it's a blowout.Throw Shawn Wooden in as a nickle/dime corner(even though he is a Safety) and Omar Lowe in,instead of this bust.

*puts on anti-flammatory suit*
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