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Keys to the game


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Oct 23, 2002
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What are the Keys to the game, for both teams:

For the Packers, control the clock, protect Favre, big day from Green and WR's, the Defense needs to step up again.

For the Dolphins, Lucas must be less error prone, no turnovers, RW must run, D must maintain their coverages and containments.

What do you think. It's a long time before we get to see the game, and I'm tired of listening to bills and broncos fans talk nothing but doo-doo

Originally posted by BigDoug
For the Packers: Just show up...guaranteed win week!
Exactly what I'm talking about. If you want to talk about the game, join in, if you just want to bait, go to the Bills board. Please.
For GB, they need to have a big Day on the perimeter from Green and need for Favre to play like... well, like Favre. The D needs to stack the line and the DB's need to be big against Miami's talented WR's

For Miami, Lucas must play withen himself and remember that he has Williams back there now. Ricky has to hit the Holes hard and often, if Miami runs less than 25 times against GB then It's a surefire sign that things arent good. Defensively Miami needs to cover the edges better, they need to pressure Favre and get in his face. Pressure the recievers on bump coverages and force Favre to buy time and throw deep. This should play into Surtains and Madisons hands. This is where we want favre to have to throw, because if he's able to pick away with Green and Franks then it'll be a long day for Miami.
I agree Barbarian. Miami needs to play 46 defense for most of the game unless the get up by 2tds. Taylor needs to have the type of day he had in Denver, and the corners and Marrion need to shut down Greenbay's wrs.

On offense it is simple we can't turn the ball over, and we have to controll the clock. With 2 of the best RBs in the league in this game who ever keeps their d off the feild the most will most likely win. You can't be fatigued and try to stop either running game. Of course everything doesn't mean squat if Ray loses another game for us.

Greenbay's defense has to be able to step up and stop the run if they want to win. They also have to be able to put preasure on Ray. He seemed to get in the most trouble when the pass rush got in his face. Although if Ray plays like he did in the preseason this is when he could step and run for some big plays.

On offense the key will be for Greenbay to score over 20 points. If they put the preasure on Ray to win it for Miami the Pack will most likely come out on top.
As always, it comes down to execution... Not making mistakes...
games are decided by drive sustaining penalties and turnovers, the team with the fewest nearly always wins.
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