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Mar 13, 2004
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1-2.....kickoff out of bonds, I believe I remember wes welker jumping out of bounds and then catching the ball inbounds for us (KO oob rule)
3... I watched that live, was crazy, but I thought they had hinted at it all game (drop kick for xp)
4... saw this on a meme site the other day wondering if it was the smartest coaching call all time (holding on last second punt)
6/7... wow that's insane, surprised never saw something like that in seabasses HeyDay. (free kick)
8/9... the hell aint this with 4/5 its stepping out of back of endzone to kill time
10... sam Madison did something like this once for us I believe. not for the touchdown, but I believe the the advantage of it is, if it isn't returned to the 20, I think you still get it at the 20 if you run it out of the endzone there
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