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Kudos to Jalen Hurts


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Mar 3, 2004
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Jalen Hurts just completed his Master's degree in Human Relations from Oklahoma on Friday.

He earned a Bachelor's(hilarious that they still call it a bachelor's degree) degree in 3 years while at Alabama and then started working oh his master's when he transferred to Oklahoma.

Good for him, I know there is a quasi rivalry between Tua and the other Bama QB's but I think he pretty good friends with Hurts and Hurts is the kind of guy I don not mind cheering for, unless he is playing the Fins.

He has worked hard on(and obviously off) the field to improve and deserves the accolades and big contract he has gotten.
Seems like an all-around great guy.

That said, living in Eagles country, I’m going to root against him the rest of his career.
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