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Last time we did not draft...


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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Off the top of your head :rolleyes: when was the last year we did not draft a defensive linemen ?

Not including this 2002 draft in which we not select either a DL or a LB.
since i answered, i looked it up. its true, and that was the smallest draft we ever had. only one pick in each of the 8 rounds!
that made me sick1

that was the year they got terry kirby, his first year impact was pretty darn good. my son had bought his rookie card for me and we had it put in a plastic cover and the whole nine yards, then phfft!:(
3 Terry Kirby (78) RB Virginia
4 Ronnie Bradford (105) CB Colorado
5 Chris Gray (132) T Auburn
8 Dwayne Gordon (218)

are still playing or were on rosters in 2001.

I remember ag. the Vikes (I think) when Kirby got the ball on 3 or 4th and short and just did nothing and got hammer low and high and had his knee ripped up. That was when I realized he was never going to be more than a 3rd down back. :cry:
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