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Last Year Preseason VS. This Year Preseason


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Apr 12, 2002
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What was our "record" for preseason last year? I'm old and forgetful, but I think it was like 1-3 or something.

While this means nothing to this year I wanted to point out this plus other issues to some of the fearful.

Fiedler hasn't had any practice. Lucas has. Thus why you see Lucas in sync with the receivers and Fiedler in sync with the DB's. It will turn around and we'll see them improve.

No practice since first game. The Dolphins did not practice since the first game. So all the error's and mistakes just carried over. They did not have any chance for correction. Just consider the first two games like they were two halves of 1 game.

I'm not saying we're great, nor am I saying we're terrible. But we've all heard that we are not playing all out, not playing our standard defense, and other items.

Jay should get back into the groove as long as he takes 100% of the snaps in the next 8 days or so. Next game is the Texans. Who cares. Just compare the first preseason game to the last. Look at the differences and see how far they've come as a team. ;)
Like i said in the qb controversy thread, preason is the slot machines compared to the regular season poker table. There is enough of an archive out there for Norv's offense that he need not tip his hand in the preseason.
Does anyone know our exact preseason record from last year?
found it

we were 1-4 the only win on that great pass from Quinn to R Baker.


Hmmm PS is sooo important to determining reg season record huh :rolleyes: about extreme. I think 39's crossed the line from dedicated fan into the netherworld! haha

Ok, so basically we were 1-4 last year. I can bet that all of us were saying the same thing last year as we're saying now.

Preseason.....time to preview, fix things, make cut's, and figure out who to fire next offseason! haha

I'm just saying that we don't need to get all bunched up about nothing yet. Lets worry day 1 of the real season.
aw shuck that's a lot of love ;) The Sun has a nice little history section...

Most important part of last pre-season was how we played ag. a healthy Titans on Opening day - in what was basically our best game of 2001.
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