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Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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Defensive end Jason Taylor returned to practice Thursday, but cornerback Patrick Surtain, linebacker Twan Russell and safety Scott McGarrahan missed practice again.
only Surtain may play if he misses todays practice, but for Twan and Scott...
If either is declared inactive that could open a spot for defensive end David Bowens,

For the Jets, free safety Damien Robinson (groin) and tackle Chris Smith were elevated to questionable, and guard J.P. Machado (thumb) was listed as probable. Wide receiver Laveranues Coles (knee) and guard Randy Thomas (groin) were listed as probable also.
D.Rob 90% will not see the field - look for mcgraw....coles didn't practice but herm said he will play, machado practiced yesterday with the thumb and thomas worked out yesterday
d.rob has been getting burned for 1 year + so far -- no he can just get burned on the sidelines -- mcgraw looks promising just hope he can handle the pressure.
No way I want all the Jets players playing at 100 percent so when we spank them they have no excuses to fall back on!

:monkey:the big rig that cracked my windshield with a rock today!
I couldn't care less if Clark Gaines, Don Maynard and Joe Namath were forced into action ag. us. All that matters is the W
I just want a W..we had all kinds of injuries last year on the OL and I don't care about their injuries, we want to move forward...just win, win, win
I think McMichael will be a good play considering Sam Garnes is less of a cover guy, and Jon McGraw is a rookie.
I read on DT that Desmond Clark practiced at full speed yesterday and should be ready to go next week at KC. Also saw on KFFL that David Bowens will make his debut on Sunday.
New York Jets

QUESTIONABLE CB Jamie Henderson (shoulder); S Damien Robinson (groin); T Chris Smith (knee)

PROBABLE WR Laveranues Coles (knee); G J.P. Machado (thumb); G Randy Thomas (groin)

Miami Dolphins

OUT TE Desmond Clark (forearm)

QUESTIONABLE S Scott McGarrahan (groin); LB Twan Russell (knee); CB Patrick Surtain (knee)

PROBABLE DE David Bowens (hand); T Mark Dixon (ankle); CB Omare Lowe (ankle); DE Jason Taylor (neck); T Todd Wade (ankle); S Shawn Wooden (shoulder)

Originally posted by Samphin
No way I want all the Jets players playing at 100 percent so when we spank them they have no excuses to fall back on!

If they lose they will blame it on the change in barometric pressure from the hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico or the Florida heat.........just like the Raiders did when we kicked their asses. Please! :rolleyes:
I expect to see Norv go after NY's secondary at some point. I can't forget how their on DB was a total mismatch against Plax in that preseason game against the Stillers. Plus they'll have a rookie at safety.:p
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