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Latest Issue Of The Dolphin Digest is out ~~


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Jan 26, 2002
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I don't know if or how many of you Phin Fans subscribe to the Dolphin Digest but a few tidbits you all might find interesting . Wannstedt was not surprised that Kreutz resigned with the Bears and is optimistic that Spriggs, Smith, and Dixon will all be back healthy. The O-L will be a priority in the draft and even with the signing of L- Searcy , Wanny's thought process is to bring in at least 2 more O-Lineman ! With the Phins expected to get at least 2 compensatory picks- he (Wanny) feels that the Dolphins will need at least 5 first year players to make the 02 team. Wannstedt went on to say how excited he is to have N- Turner as the Dolphins O-C, and that the fans will notice a considerable change in O from previous years with more movement form the T-E, F-B, and the T-B positions ... ;) Marino1983
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