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LB Bradley Jennings


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Oct 3, 2001
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Orlando, FL
I read the following in the actual Orlando Sentinel paper this morning. The story is not on their website, so I have no link. :( This is also NOT a joke!

Linebacker Bradley Jennings, a high NFL draft prospect, was a victim of an attempted carjacking last night in Miami. He was stretching for a jog in the park. Jennings denied the carjacker and was shot in the shoulder while another bullet grazed his neck. He was released from the hospital early this morning. The paper said he was scheduled for a workout with the Dolphins tomorrow. :(
I followed that story closely yesturday. It was such a relief when I heard he was released from the hospital. The news coverage in Tallahassee sucks so I didn't know if he was even alive or how serious it was until late last night. It sucks to see something happen to a good guy like Jennings, especially if you been following and supporting the last few years like me. He had a great year for FSU last year and hopefully this terrible incident doesn't effect his career.

Daryl Gardner was shot in the head.......and hes one of the best!;)
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