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Lets go Panthers


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Apart from being Dolphans I think the Panthers just gained about 1 million more fans this sunday. I have got to beleave! I really hope that game is televised. I think the Panthers will play w/some heart because they don't want to set the record for consecutive losses in 1 season.
The Panthers are WAY OVERDUE!! They are 1-14, in which their only win was against the Vikings way back in Week 1 :eek: Also, the Patriots have won their last 5 games, but are coming off a bye week. I think it is time for another upset special! :D
I hear that about the upset! Another upset in the making! :D The Panthers played the Rams VERY hard last game so they can still put up the points ;) My upset game of the week this week goes to the Cincinnati Bengals...I give them their props for upsetting the Steelers! :eek: :lol: :cool:
For three hours, apart from being a Dolphins fan, I will also root for the Panthers. Weinke is gonna tear the Patriots apart and throw for over 300 yards.
get real

the Panthers in a dog fight for the #1 overall pick...they will lose, they will want to lose
The only time the Panthers played the Patriots was 10/29/95 in New England. The Panthers WON in overtime 20-17, so Carolina leads series 1-0.
Gotta have hope

Former U of Miami player Dan Morgan (is he injured) will single-handedly beat the Patriots offense and the Panthers will win 10-7
I bet no one would have thought that the Bengals would take out the Steelers :p As crazy a year as it has been..I wouldn't put it past the Panthers ;)
cincy beating pitt...........

was a surprise, but denver beating oakland was a shock! barffalo doing a number on the jets wasn't too bad either!:D
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