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lets try it again

I voted and it looks like the 'Fins are in the lead by 2 percentage points over the 'Skins. I'm not sure I buy into this thing but who knows, it probably can't hurt too much.
its really a bogus vote.

we were up to 44% yesterday and that friggin webmaster had votes runoff for every team in the league. nobody really cares if we win any more, i think they're just voting to piss the webmaster off. he has his own favorites. we were killing everybody last year and he disqualified the fins from getting 10000 bonus votes, which he changed to 20000 votes after we were disqualified.
we were disqualified because somebody sent out emails saying click here to unsubcribe, and that cast a vote for the dolphins. this year there are some pretty smart dudes on the miami herald board that figured out how to bypass that "once an hour crap" and the site was down for two weeks. put up most of those votes in one day!:D
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