Letter To Dolphin Fans From Arizona Fan.


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Apr 23, 2005
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Boca Raton, FL
I've never understood why people are so quick to write off quarterbacks after their rookie seasons. Literally almost every great quarterback that has ever played the game looked like a fish out of water as rookies. With very, very few exceptions. Many of them thrown into bad situations that were already bad. That's why they ended up there to begin with.

By the same token, you can't start preparing the gold jacket for these guys after their rookie seasons either. I think Baker Mayfield's bust is already half made in Canton. All it lacks is the beard and an obscene gesture.

It's incredible what a change of circumstances - along with improved coaching and a year of experience - often does for young quarterbacks. The odds literally favor this type of path. Fans act like they've never watched football before when deciding the fate of these young quarterbacks after one season.

Not every quarterback is fortunate enough to land in a situation with an Andy Reid. Or have playoff caliber teams trade up for you and sit you for a year instead of landing in an awful situation with incompetent coaching and be thrown to the wolves.
I loved your post as it was very insightful and worded eloquently! I will admit, I had a hard time liking it because of the various ties you have with Alabama. Being a long time Finfan, I strongly dislike the Crimson Tide Football team and for only one reason, Nick Saban. Yes, I had many years of therapy after his debacle here and openly lying about his intents. The other reason I can't stand Saban is his selection of Culpepper over Brees and his purposeful trade of Wes Welker to the New England Patriots. Many do not realize that Saban and Belicheck are friends and the trade was another way for Saban to intentionally screw the Dolphins. Back to therapy I go :). Anyways, great post!!
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