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Lineup 2020 vs 2021


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Apr 16, 2017
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As far as the free agent signings:

Coleman vs Needham will be a battle and I expect Coleman to win. I don't see Holland being drafted to play nickel. He will be our FS. If he can beat out McCain immediately maybe McCain is in play at nickel but I think he stays at FS as a backup.

Fuller, McKinney, Skura, Sanders, and Palardy should all be starters.

Brown and Doaks should be the short yardage backs.

For the draft picks:

Waddle, Phillips, and Eichenberg should all play significant minutes if not be outright starters. Holland has a lot of potential but he needs to learn the playbook and how to call the defense. That is a tall order for a rookie. TE's have a tough transition to the NFL but I think Long replaces Smythe in a hurry (and maybe jumps Sheehan on depth chart). He is a pretty solid traditional type TE from a good program.

P.S. Could we please stop with this nonsense that Iggy is a slot CB and Grant is a slot WR?


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Jun 2, 2002
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The oline is still full of unknowns. We all want that lineup to work, with Kindley at one guard spot, Hunt at another, and Eichenberg at tackle. Kindley fell off a cliff sometime around the midpoint of last season and who knows what hes going to look like, Hunt we've never seen play a down as a guard, and Eichenberg is a rookie. Wouldn't consider the odds to be great that they'll all return.
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