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Login Problems


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Sep 2, 2001
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Atlanta, GA
I am almost POSITIVE that anyone can read this, even if you are having problems logging in.

If you are, do the following if you have IE:

Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies

Also click Delete Files and Clear History.

If you are in AOL, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel... and then Internet Options.

I believe only IE 6.0 has the Delete Files button, if you are in 5.5 or lower, just do Cookies and History.

Then, after all that. Make sure you click the "Log Off" button up top. One you are logged out, hold down your Ctrl button on the keyboard and then click Refresh (all at one time...) This will "grab" you the latest "version" of the site.

After all that... try to login... it SHOULD work now. If you have any problems... contact me:

AIM: FinHeavenFounder
MSN: andrewt84@hotmail.com
Email: webmaster@finheaven.com
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