Long List Of Disappointments


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Sep 11, 2002
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What a very disappointing game tonight...I thought it was a tough spot for them to win anyway but to play as poorly as they did leaves alot of questions unanswered.
1. Ray Lucas 2 weeks in a row has looked lost and tentative...why must he try to throw every pass through a brick wall...all we need from our QB is to play error free football
2. When was the last time we had a grind it out football game with Ricky as our main weapon...he was the only one out there tonight who showed some life and effort...we need to make him a factor again in our gameplan(noted that the turnovers take us out of that)
3. Finally a long list of terrible play tonight.Aturo Freeman...he has played terrible the last few weeks both in coverage and tackling...very costly penalty Marcuss Spriggs...a swinging gate at LT tonight...no help in the running game...when is Dixon ever going to come back...Sam Madison...a night to forget...got completly turned around and burned deep(thank god for the overthrow) and lost his man several times tonight. our def line did nopt make the initial tackle on almost every run tonite...terrible run defense and it might be time to think of a new strategy of Zach covering the RB...be burned badly for a few weeks now
4. Finally the turnovers....could anyone hold on to the ball tonight...inexcusable fumbles by Konrad(very early and in good field position) and Carter..he got the first down then curled up like a turtle and turned his back to the defender...already had the first down
All in all a long night full of frustrations....we need to regroup fast for this weekend...and don't even think about Sage Rosenfels...he looked like a deer in head lights....I wonder where all those Jay Fiedler bashers are hiding now....was never a big fan of his but he looks like Montana compared to what we have seen the last few weeks...we need to get back to what we were succesful at early...running the ball...controlling the clock...and working off of play action....we just have to get some confidence back....sorry for the rambling but I had to vent
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