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Long Snapping the Problem?


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Feb 12, 2002
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Orange County, CA
We've all noticed Mare's woes kicking easy FG's this year but, according to the 'Fins insider report, the problem may not have as much to do with Mare as it does with Ed Perry muffing the the long snaps. We all saw the errant snap to Mark Royals during the game today, but according the insider, Royals has been having to pull down several high snaps as a holder which may be throwing Mare's tiiming off just enough that he's wiffing on his kicks.

Ed Perry's always been Mr. Reliable in the long snapping department but perhaps he's let himself slip a little which could go a long way in explaining why Mare is having such an off year.
Today Perry's snapping was poor. Each snap looked high. The one on Mare's miseed 45 yarder was high(I am convinced that it was tipped which caused a wierd slice on it). The one on the blocked extra point was very high also. The punt that was almost blocked was high also.
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