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Looking into my crystal ball.....


Getting geeked for 2003!!
Feb 12, 2002
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Riverside, CA
This is what I see kiddies:

Loss vs GB

Win vs Balt and NY

Fiedler returns to face Bolts!! But is rusty and we Lose

Win vs Buff, Oak, N.E, Vikes, and da Bears

Finish 12-4, win division and get first round bye if not home field.
i think your crystall ball is broken. 13-3 Homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.
I think its more important for Lucas to have a good game against Green Bay than it is to win. If he stinks up the joint again I'll be very worried.
I'm with Z28..we need to get on board and win a couple with Ray..to even have a chance at the playoffs..by the time Jay gets back may be too late..
Wins : Balt, NYJ, Buff, Vikes, Chic.

Lose : GB, Sn.D, Oak, NE,

10 / 6 , miss the playoff, we will have a good team next year!
Loss vs GB and NY cause of Lucas

Fiedler returns to face Balt and we win !

Win vs SD, Buff, Oak, N.E, Vikes, and da Bears

Lose to NE

11-5 and win AFC East over 10-6 Bills, but do we get elusive bye ? cannot see that far into future
11-5 GETS A 1ST RND BYE IN AFC... south and north arent that great, if we end up tied with indy, we get higher seed by virtue of week 2 win...IMO, indy is only team in ether division with shot at 11-5
I think the most important thing is that we get hot and start winning down the stretch... it would be great to be playing our best ball in Dec for once.. it will be the only way we ever get a ring..
so if Lucas can hold on and only lose 1 or 2 games till Jay gets back.. then Jay comes back and only loses 1 or 2 more.. then we are sitting somewhere around 10-6, 11-5, 12-4...

I think the bye is important but more important is to get on a roll going into the playoffs... losing to NE would be bad news... we need to finish by beating Minn and NE soundly.. then we will be ok.. no matter what seed we sit.
Excellent point, getting hot and winning down the stretch is paramount to a Super Bowl run.

It'll be fun. :eat:
I see this .............

@GB Loss
@NY Jets (This game can go either way)
Baltimore Win (Close game because Fiedler is a little rusty but we come out on top)

Bears Win
Raiders Win
@Vikings Wins (see a pattern ? We are hot down the stretch)
@New England (last year Fins loss and couldn't rebound but not this year)

13-3 If Lucas comes out firing against his old club
OR 12-4 If Lucas doesn't do anything....
I see;




balt,ray will be back....loss



the Super Bowl Champions...loss in a blow out..Pats go 12-4

thats 10-6 for the fins:lol:
What makes you think you're one-dimensional offense will all-of-a-sudden come alive and start running the ball? What makes you think your D-line will stop sucking and start stopping the run? What was that? Heroin? Thought so, remove your head from your anal area then come and post......
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