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Looks like we're trading for R.Williams


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Sep 3, 2001
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I just read the online version of the MIAMI HERALD that the Saints have talked to the DOLPHINS about trading for Ricky Williams. www.miami.com under sports then football then Dolphins
gotta love a guy w/ William's confidence:

A good running back can make an offensive line a lot better, give it confidence,'' said Williams, who rushed for 1,245 yards on 313 carries this season, averaged 4.0 yards per carry and scored six TDs.

would best our incredible acquisition if we can pull it off
Beat ya to it 84, see my post @ the end of Fred Taylor thread.
Never mind....I'll move it here

IMHO, Spielman needs to have a greater sense of urgency and do what he can to land this big fish. i'm not saying we should give up our whole draft for him, that would be stupid, but we may need to take a risk or two in order to get a franchise back like Williams. I'm not sure of all the cap-enomics but when you are presented with an opportunity like this, you FIND a way to pull the trigger. Whaddayathink?

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Beat ya to it 84, see my post @ the end of Fred Taylor thread.

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Wouldn't you rather have Ricky Williams?

Yes a 24 year old, 5-10, 236-pound back and a two-time 1,000-yard rusher - that c/b one of the best moves we have made since trading for Trace or Warfield - if we do not give up the house for him.
This is great...........

news. Now I'm very excited. Spielman and co. better not blow this great opportunity that has been laid into our laps!:eek:
remember that game at Texas?

The dramatic record breaker:

With a national audience watching, the all-time NCAA rushing leader Tony Dorsett in attendance and rival and No. 6 ranked Texas A&M fired up to stop him, Williams was 11 yards shy of the all-time NCAA rushing record in his final regular season game. All Williams did was tear off a 60-yard touchdown run (the play was called L King Zin 53) to break the record in one of the most dramatic plays in college football history. The Longhorns upset the Aggies 26-24 as Williams carried the ball 44 times for 259 yards and a touchdown. He also caught 5 passes for 36 yards and with 295 all-purpose yards, he broke Napoleon McCallum of Navy's record that day as well. In his four games against Texas A&M, Williams carried the ball 123 times for 750 yards and six touchdowns and caught seven passes for 68 yards.

he ran 44 TIMES!!!! that's a workhorse back:eek:
Re: Re: another amazing Ricky fact

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Yea, well how many fumbles did Lamar lose this year? :rolleyes:
Lamar had 313 attempts too, but lost only 5 :rolleyes: Of course, he only 968 yards vs. 1245
First of all let me compliment you on a great message board. Just came over to see if the Herald atricle was causing as much of a buzz amongst Dolphins fans as it is amongst Saints fans on our board.

My take on the trade possibility is that it would be great for the Dolphins but very tough for the Saints. Ricky Williams contract would be very cap friendly for the Dolphins as RW is scheduled to only make the NFL minimum salary for the remainder of his contract which has 4 or 5 more years. The rest is tied up in extremely hard to reach bonuses.

The problem occurs on the Saints side of the deal where they would have to absorb a 4.29 million dollar cap hit :eek: which would cripple the team this off-season. The Saints are about even on next years cap right now. GM Randy Mueller said he could free up maybe 3 million by the time free-agency rolls around. With all the needs the Saints have right now, Mueller wants to make a substantial number of moves. I just don't see how the deal could be pulled off unless they can somehow lower the cap hit to the Saints. It would probably have to be on hell of an offer from Miami for Mueller to even consider it.

What position are the Dolphins deep in right now that maybe an established player could be part of the deal?

Thanks for letting me throw in my two cents worth,

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