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Manhattan Anyone?


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Aug 19, 2002
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Okay, I see that Superself hasn't gotten much of a response regarding the Bronx, but does anyone know of a place in Manhattan that regularly has some Dolphin fans in attendance? Please tell me there is a place where you don't have to wade through the mires of Steelers, Eagles, or ( :fire:godforbid a black-out home game:fire: ) Jets fans without seeing a single Dolfan just because I don't have DSS Sunday Ticket. I'm not looking for anything fancy, but I know you guys are out there and it would be nice not to feel like the lone cheering Dolfan in a Jets bar like in the commercial they played last season. If there aren't any established, lets pool together so we can at least riot and pillage effectively if we lose. :D

Midtown, Downtown, Upper East/West- it doesn't make a difference. Please take me to Dolphins funkytown.
Thanks for the link dolphan39.

Unfortunately as I've been to most of the bars on the list it seems to only confirm my speculation that there aren't any "dolphins bars" or anything even close in NYC. The most promising was South Beach bar which btw is now closed. Other fans congregate (see description of Grand Saloon) and seem to run certain places (get their games on the bigscreen, etc). I know we have the manpower- I run into someone I knew in Miami every couple of weeks or so. NYC dolphans- if we can't work something out here I am going to have to apply to the UN for some sort of restricted no-fly zone at the local dive...
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