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marino is seventh best qb


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Oct 11, 2002
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I thought he was the best qb ever. but, his lifetime qb rating is an 86, the same as Tom Brady's rookie season. Not to mention that there are six other qbs with lifetime ratings higher than his. Plus, qb ratings don't include what you can do with your legs. not much, in Marino's case. I guess Marino has a low rating because of all the ints he threw and the so so completion percentage. oh well, i guess being the seventh best qb in history is pretty good too. besides, even if marino is only the seventh best ever, that's still pretty good. i guess if he was a little bit more accurate maybe you guys could have won a big game.
Seriously, QB rating of all things....pills are good!

Heat, go look at Joe Namath's QB rating and try to tell me with a straight face he's one of the worst QBs ever...
well joe namath had bad statistics but he showed up in the big games. he didn't have too many 1 td 2 int days in the superbowl. i'm not saying dan's not good. he's one of the best, the seventh best that is. you guys had the seventh best qb in history, that's really good.
dip schitz....................

well, i see the jr. hi school must have closed early and someone is on mommies pc again.

i realize you are just trying to stir it up so i'll limit my thrashing of you. but i will say this, you obviously never saw marino play, expecially in his prime or you wouldn't be in here wasting everyones time with this mindless b.s.

and when you think about it, if marino is truelly the 7th best qb of all time [funny the 7th best holding every significant qb record] than that would make horse teeth elway about 33 best or so!!

broncos suck and are cheap and dirty players.


:monkey: on saddam!!
well actually, elway showed up and won 2 superbowls and made it to 5 so that's that about elway. i tell you what. Marino is the best qb to never win a sb, how's that.
Hey Bronco Heat doesn't it get tiring to have to post the samething in every Dolphin board you go to you must be really worried about Sundays game to try to deflect attention to wether Dan is the best qb of all time instead of talking about the game:nono: :nono:
Marino is the BEST quarterback ever to play the game. When you talk Superbowls you're talking team accomplishments. As far as individual accomplishments check the record book and see whos name is on top of almost every meaningful catagory. Now don't you have another website you can go play on?
bronco b.s.

now thats funny, elway winning two superbowls! so you call geezer elway handing the ball to terrell davis "winning" the superbowl? thats good. and very homeristic i might add!

elway was on a TEAM that won 2 superbowls. funny how every s/b elway was ever part of he got blown out before terrel davis showed up. how come he didn't win those?

BRONCO_MEAT: just for fun, so we can all remenis about the great elway, could you post elways stats in those two superbowl "wins" for us? and just for fun, post terrels numbers to if you would please.

a lot of the other kids on this board probably missed those games and it would be good for them to see the stats so they can see how elway blistered those teams and won those superbowls.
Hey "Bronco Geek" tell us the six Q.B.s above Marino in your opinion so we can have another laugh at your expense, then get lost!
LMAO!!! Clayton83........can't wait to see those stats posted.:lol: :lol:
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