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Aug 30, 2002
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northern virginia
Just to let anyone who cares know that they are re-showing the Marino Sportscentury on ESPN classic a couple of times over the next 24 hours. I'm not sure of the exact times(Except that one showing is during the game tomorrow). Just remember not to watch the commentators final remarks. I don't remember what he says but I remember it was something unpleasant.
It was that F%#king GEEK ED WERDER!!! Speaking of CLASSIC ESPN, he is your CLASSIC TURD!!!ED "TERDER" MR. COWBOYS!! Here's the JOKE that is totally up JJ's a$$ and to critisize MARINO made JIMMY look good!! The sad thing about it is he's the biggest pencil neck geek there is on ESPN and you know the guy never actually stepped a toe on the football field and to critisize MARINO like that is just assinine!! F%CK WERDER!!!
I'm glad someone has the facts a little more venemously close to the front of their brain.
The final comments were made by CHRIS FOWLER.

Also, I really didn't like the episode. It had a very negative tone. They focused on Marino's "failures"....i.e..the Phins not winning a title, his frustrations, his body breaking down, opposed to his greatness.

A PAPERASS GEEK shouldn't be able to talk about the GREATEST QB EVER like that!! He should be beat with a HUGE BAG of NICKELS!!! DAN MARINO RULES!!!
Just letting you all know it was coming on. I didn't remember disliking it except for the close. It's probably my lust for watching him arc those beautiful spirals that clouds my memory. that and all the smoke hanging around my
Originally posted by poornate
Just to let anyone who cares know that they are re-showing the Marino Sportscentury .

Thanks for the heads up. I didn't get to see it when it first came out and have been trying to catch it for a while.
I just saw a commercial on CBS talking about the "new" pre-game show. And guess who's on it? Yeppers....

Dan Constantine Marino
BTW ... Dan the Man is looking great so far in his CBS gig. I remember thinking he would be a great analyst when the time came for him to enter the booth. Sure enough, he's eloquent and totally non-obnoxious.
I was lucky enough to tape that when it first aired...along with his jersey retirement ceremony and the last quarter of that Sugar Bowl game against Georgia...

Muck is right about the negative tone...everytime they say something great about him, they follow it up with a "but":yell: . I wish I still had all of my video yearbooks. I had the 92 season up to the 97 season...If anyone knows where I could get a copy of those...Please let me know. I think that he is great on the HBO show and it will be nice to see him on CBS...
Originally posted by poornate
He's on CBS and HBO? There's no way his contract would allow that.

Why not???

Lots of guys do two or more shows...

Collinsworth(less):D Fox and HBO

Glanville also on HBO and CBS
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