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Martz, Billick, and Weis are making the blueprint for failure


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
What due all if these coaches have in common? They all had a balanced offense and found great success with it, but the following season decided to open up their passing game and forgot about the run destroying thier great defenses. Sure 5 wr sets and 50 passes a game is exciting to watch, but it doesn't win SBs. The '84 Dolphins proved this, the Bills who lost 4 SBs in a row showed us this, the Houston Oilers with Warren Moon showed everyone this when they lost a 30 point lead in chilly Buffalo. When you run a high octaine offense you put your D in compromising postions, you keep them on the feild to long, and you are garunteing they won't be healthy come Jan. You would think of all teams that would realize this it would be the Pats. They shocked the world last year, because they didn't turn the ball over and kept their d off the feild. Why change what works? From SB 1 to last year the team that lead a ball controll offense and played great d has won every SB. Find me a SB winning team that didn't have a 1000 yard RB. If I had to look at who has the blue print for sucsess this year it would have to be a tie between 3 teams; Chargers, Broncos, and Dolphins. The Packers are damn close if their D comes around soon.
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