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Matt Moore is better than garrard right?

maybe 2 years removed from his 2010 season but based on how he has played in his nfl career he is better than Moore. I dont really want to find out right now lol.
garrard has been a good qb for his career but unless he is a backup i dont really want to bring him in and even then he may outplay moore.
garrard had a couple of really really good seasons with a pretty crappy jags team, but he is now on the wrong side of 30 and is probably on the downside.... would probably go with moore over garrard at this point in their careers
I wouldn't be surprised if Ireland puts in a call to Brett Favre next week. :crazy:
i dont even know...matt moore is prolly more mobile than gerrad...but gerrad was a beast back in the day.
we still need a few qb's for our roster, wouldnt be to smart to enter the season with moore and devlin, but hey this is the Miami Dolphins were talking about here, so i wouldnt rule out anything coming from the morons who run the show her.................PATHETIC
There was a time I wanted Garrard, and held him up as a great example of mining for gold in the later rounds. He had a couple of great year and I'd take that guy in a heartbeat. He's also from what I understand a standup guy and great teammate. But then again, a few years ago I'd have taken DelHomme too from Carolina after the SB near miss. The point is then was then/now is now and IMO he doesn't hold a candle to our 27-28yo guy who's actually made teams he started for better in all but 1 case. However, we do need a backup and I'd be fine with that.
He's what 34 now. If they sign him he's gotta compete against Moore for the starting spot. Moore came in and did as nice a job as one could have expected. Never really watched too much Jags football but from what I remember Garrad had a rocket arm but had a long wind up.
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