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Matt Roth video from Hawkeye fan...


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Apr 23, 2005
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How's it going? Well I'd thought I'd come by and share some of what Matt Roth has done for us up here in Iowa. He has been the center to our highly touted defense. His never stop motor fueled the rest of the defense which resulted in a pretty successful season for the Hawkeyes. I'm sure you've heard of the story about him clearing out the bar. That's kind of become a "Bill Brasky" story up here in Iowa. Each time a little detail is added to enhance just a little more. It is quite surprising that Roth lasted until the pick he did as he was pegged for late first round in most drafts.

One more fiery story to tell you about the type of guy he is. During a pre Cap-One bowl rally in front of fifteen thousand Hawkeyes he was introduced to the podium and proceded to say,"I've got two words for LSU." and then proceeded to raise two middle fingers in the air.:D Not the classiest of things, but just the type of guy and competitor he is! Anyways I'm sure there are plenty of us Hawk fans who will not be tuning into catch the Dolphin's resurgence.

If a member or one of the mods can tell me how there are a couple highlight packages that I can post links to. It says I have to have 100 posts to link.


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Jan 22, 2004
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you can break the link up and then one of us can post it as one
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