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Mayes on IR $525,000, phins furious!!


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Aug 30, 2002
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Just as i have been saying, they realize they made a big capology mistake not cutting Mayes and Smith instead of playing them and risking eating their contracts.

say bye bye to Searcy because they have already been bitten twice now and learned their lesson. Searcy will get an injury settlement.. how does that count against this years cap??????

Injured Reserve counts in full till the player is healthy....

. . The herald reports the phins were so frustrated they didn't cut Mayes in time that they didn't even call his agent when they put him on IR.

So IR means you eat the whole players salary till he recovers then you can cut him..

injury settlement probably counts for whatever number you settled. pay searcy $100,000 and then you can cut him. so $100,00 would be the cap hit. That is why they were praying Mayes injury was not they could cut him and or give him an injury settlement.

with Smith and Mayes the phins are now listening to the idea that these vets can really hurt their present cap number restricting them from doing extensions for ricky for example or the restructuring for defensive stars.
I fail to see the big mistake the Dolphins made in not cutting these guys. The Dolphins did not show any inclination to spend the cap money they had prior to these injuries (and still have) and these players will just be released at the end of the season, freeing up the cap money for next years block of free agents.

As for cap room taken up by extensions, the Dolphins have shown no interest in signing Ricky Williams ot a long term extension until he has shown he can perform for at least a year. He is locked up in a long term deal and doesnt really have much of a say in the matter. The only players that should be given consideration for a longterm deal are Konrad and mabey Ogunleye, players who I think may perform quite well this year and demand large contracts.

Searcy may be cut but it doesnt seem like that would help the Dolphins in any way. He is definatly better than whoever his replacement would be, Andrews or some other waiver wire pickup. The Dolphins shoud keep him around and hope he makes it back by week 6 when im sure there will be injuries at either the tackle or guard spots that he could fil in for..
Zonk, you're speaking completely in HINDSIGHT. How were we supposed to know that Smith would suffer injury again?? Dude, we HAD to play them. Should we cut Mark Dixon because we risk eating his contract if he gets hurt?? Everyone looks like a genius when they're looking in back at what we SHOULD have done.

The fact is that we had already invested picks in Mayes and we didn't know that Randy McMichael would be ready this fast. We also had Smith, Spriggs, and Dixon all coming off IR. And since there was nobody else on the roster to play LT, we had to keep them. Plus, there was no way of knowing who would get injured.
Muck, you can't reason with Zonk...he wants us to look in the crystal ball and foresee who gets hurt...if a rook who had no chance of making the team got hurt, we'd have to eat his contract as well. Should we stop inviting rooks to camp in case they get hurt?

Mayes salary is very little and in reality we have far less in wasted cap room invested on IR than last year, when we had mulitple players on IR.
Yeah, last year we should have cut (NFL) rookie WR A.J. Johnson when he tore his ACL because we had to eat his contract. :p
you guys are right i am whining about $hit that happens to all teams.

i just wish we could stay alittle healthier for one year. even the offensive line hasn't played much together... and Feidler having surgery right before camp. the injury bug thing is really frustrating to me.

trust i am a DIE hard fan . even have a seperate old dish to catch the feeds so i don't miss any preseason. I love the dolphins bigtime. AND i whine too much when things aren't perfect.

I can't wait till sunday no question in my mind the phins will play well. I am certain of it.
Man Miami's going up to the last minute aren't they before making a move..
Yeah it sucks. It seems we NEVER get to stay healthy. Most elite teams get that "one year" where they stay healthy. Last year it was the Patriots. The year before it was the Ravens. Seems we always get hurt on the OL. And the year we didn't (2000), we got hurt everywhere else.
THanks for putting up with my $hit. I truly believe they will make a run if they don't lose KEY players. any of the defensive high paid stars and we are in trouble. but the offense is MUCH better then last year. i love Turner and i think feidler will improve. chambers is a major threat and Ricky will be a constant decoy as we throw to tight ends and full backs and norv's system
I can't wait to see Norv finally open up the playbook. Especially in Week 3. I'm sure we'll see lots of stuff then.
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