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Discussion in 'Beasts of the AFC East' started by Albert Romano, Feb 6, 2018.

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    But can a player in the English Premier League sign a contract while still playing for another English Premier League team?
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    No, and I'm not sure if a player at a German club can sign one with another German club, or Spanish to Spanish.

    That aside, is there any harm in a coach signing an agreement making his next career move official when everyone and their dog knows they are leaving to join the new team when their old team is eliminated?

    I personally don't see the issue. If it is seen as a conflict of interest, then allowing them to interview while their team is active in the play offs should be seen in the same way (e.g. does it take away their focus on their current job?), and perhaps teams should be made to wait until play offs are over to interview a coach whose team is active in the play offs.

    This is a rare occurrence. Coaches don't usually go back on their word, but the interview and hiring process does need to be looked at and refined.

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