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McKinney's "Guarantee"

yeah, i think the fact he made this guarantee is proof positive that he won't be on the field. that alone will make our offensive line better.
He's going to have to back it up or he's definitely out of here. Simple as that. Either way, I think it could be a win/win situation for us.
This Team Has Alot Of Talent The Patriots Don't Have Alot Of Pro Bowlers But They Have The Best Coaching And Thats Why They Win.everyone Wearing A Fins Uniform Is Going To Play With A Chip On There Shoulder And They Will Not Allow What Happen Last Year To Happen Personal Opinion Is The Players Quit On Dw And The Season Just Went Down Hill After Ricky Retired And Dw Is Not A Great Coach.saban Is The Perfect Fit For Miami He Gets The Best Out Of His Players And He Knows Talent When He See It As Evident By The Great Draft We Just Really Looking Forward To A New Era And Im Sure We Will Go Back To Playing Dolphins Football And Wining Alot Of Games. :cooldude:
A guarentee from Seth? Oh goody. I wonder if he lets a defender through though on Ricky's first carry.
Great, guarantees by a backup lineman. When you sucked as bad as they did last year, there is only one way to go.
Can someone tell me what the article is referring to when it mentions Mourning?
finfanatic99 said:
Good to see his positive attitude, i'm really excited to see what Houck brings.

Yeah, lets hope Houck brings much improvment. I thought Seth sucked just as much as all of you, but lets see how he plays in a scheme that's worth a damn...
BizarroAndres said:
Can someone tell me what the article is referring to when it mentions Mourning?
Zo made a guarentee against Chicago (in the playoffs) that the Heat would win. The Bulls slaughtered them and swept them 4-0. I forget which year though, sometime in the mid 90's.
I'm really happy that McKinney is excited . . . I hope he quickly learns how to make good calls on the line. He couldn't last year.
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