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Adam the Quarterback
Jan 20, 2002
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Did Bryant McKinnie ever sign with Minnesota?
So what is going to happen to him if he never signs? Will he be a FA? Will he be in next year's draft? Thanks for any info ahead of time.
I'm pretty sure he'll be in next year's draft, if that's true, I wonder where he would get picked and how his holdout will effect his draft position. I think McKinnie has gotten shafted on this and Minnesota is just playing it cheap, whoever ends up drafting McKinnie (again) will get a steal since his value will probably have dropped.
McKinnie is now a Viking, but in my opinion the holdout guarrantees his rookie season is a washout. It'll take him at least three or four weeks to get in condition and learn what he needs to know not to be a liability in the game. I don't know who is playing LT now for the Vikings but I'm pretty sure until McKinnie has a full training camp under his belt, the guy playing there now is the better player. Talent doesn't overcome lack of conditioning training and experience. That means the Vikings are paying him 5 years for 4 years of production. Granted McKinnie has become a rich man, but in the long run I don't think the holdout is good for anyone.
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