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Sounds like an injury prone headcase.

Randy Mcmichael
TE | (6-3, 247, 4.82) | GEORGIA | COLLEGE STATS
By Pro Football Weekly

Notes: Fifth-year player who was listed as a junior since the NCAA granted him medical redshirts for both the 1997 (thumb) and '98 (knee) seasons. Played in 11 games in '99 with six starts. Caught 34 passes for 457 yards and three touchdowns. Had similar numbers in 2000, when he also started 6-of-11 games and caught 32-475-1. Missed one game (suspended for the 2001 opener for his role in a June bar fight) and did not start another. Receiving numbers fell to 24-281-1, with a long catch of only 27 yards. However, there were no big-name tight ends in the Southeastern Conference, and McMichael had a big game (six catches for 108 yards) vs. Tennessee, so he won first-team All-SEC honors.

Positives: Very good athlete who catches the ball nicely. Has soft, natural hands and a feel for the passing game. Is athletic and can adjust to the poorly thrown pass. At times, can be an effective, but not overpowering, blocker when he gets into blocks quickly, keeps his feet moving and generally stays on his feet.

Negatives: Is not that big, strong or fast and does not like to block. Will lose his concentration and drop some passes. Lacks great run-after-the-catch ability. Did not break a long one last year.

Summary: Pass-catching tight end/H-back who can make a team and contribute.
I like the pick, I saw a couple Georgia games last year and he was a vtal part of their offense! If I remember right he played well against TENNESSEE and was crucial in the last minute, game winning drive. If Victor Rogers is there in the 5th I think we should gamble on him! He has late 1st or early 2nd round talent, he just had some knee surgeries that is keeping everyone away from him! If is knee checks out I say gamble on him!
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Sounds like someone who the Dolphins can develop.

maybe the optimist, but here's why we picked him aside from need:

Very good athlete who catches the ball nicely. Has soft, natural hands and a feel for the passing game and Pass-catching tight end/H-back who can make a team and contribute.

it was a need pick for sure
39 I gotta disagree with you here, I don't think we needed another pass catching tightend who doesn't have the ass to block.
He has great size for a linebacker, and with a feel for the passing game, he will excel in coverage.
I think he was a need, but i bet it will be at linebacker
infin why we they switch him to LB ? :confused:

Jay Novacek was a not great blocker for Norv either :)

Davenport is cheese head
The pick just doesn't make any sense.
What's wrong with Jed Weaver? He can't block right. Why draft someone even smaller? Why not just work with Jed and draft some depth at linebacker instead? Because this draft is weak at the linebacker position so the chances of finding a guy to be a back-up and still have a relatively large upside is remote in the fourth round. Sooo, why not find a guy with good atleticism and perfect linebacker size and switch him over. You could end up with the steal of the draft rather than a Scott Galyon.
I may be completely wrong but i could get alot more exited about this pick if I were right. I just think it was a stupid pick for a tightend.
I think they picked him because there was no one else they liked on the board. They felt they couldn't draft any other player with that pick that could help them so they took the need pick. I don't like it a whole lot but oh well. I will live with it. It is the 4th round. Who knows, it could be a guy who was under the radar all the time because he didn't have big numbers. I know Georgia does have Terrance Edwards and if I am not mistaking, I believe he gets the ball a ton in that offense. Can anyone verify this?

It is possible that he is under the radar like Chris Chambers. He played in an offense where he wasn't their primary source on offense so he fell lower than he should have.
Norv wants his Novacek

I think Norv is written all over this pick, heck the guy sounds physically similiar to Novacek
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